Round about midnight

Valentine girl

After long months of dark, cold, snow, rain, fog, ice and wet walls. Come valentines day I eventually grabbed my cans and with the

usual misguided sense of adventure I hit the night streets. A bit rusty in my nerves, so it took a few turns before I found the courage to stick up the stencil on a long ago picked out spot. In the middle of the spraying, just when my preheated can was turning ice cold from the freezing wind an general pressure fall, I sensed someone behind me. One quick glance over the shoulder told me to relax – just at worn out drug addict. Painting in the streets is an activity that leads you to relax in the presence of drunkards, drug addicts, and other more or less grim creatures of the night. And, on the other side, to get jumpy at the sight of a police car. For an in all other matters hard working, law abiding citizen, it quite a strange sensation.

Anyway, after finishing up and  pulling of the vinyl glows, I once again got a chance to learn how nice these night creatures are. He commented insightfully and eloquently on my work. Asked about the whys and hows of stenciling. And told my of his idea of making a documentary giving voice to the poor and impoverished. All the while walking my to my next spot for the night.

Being out in the late hours, sober, alone and obviously in a mischievous errand, makes all sort of people stop and talk. To this day every single one has been friendly, supportive and interesting to talk to. If for no other reason, I continue to go painting for these chance meetings.

So thanks to all – nameless as you are. Hope you enjoy my work. And a big cheers for the idea of giving voice to the  ones muted by our late capitalism society.

Round about midnight

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