Walk the dog

One may take an image of nearly every possible kind and stencil it up on a city wall. Some choose political paraphernalia, iconic pictures – often manipulated – self drawn work, collage, potpourri, you name it. I often go for the simple everyday images. Walking a dog seams to me like the ultimate everyday, street activity. You will meet them when the streets are more vacant – before the morning rush, afternoons, late at night, and even in the middle of the night – at the same times as me. Walking the dog is an act truly belonging on the street, but more or less ignored in images.

The small images of dog-walkers, minding their own business, doing no harm, no hidden message, bust belonging there in a non-intrusive manner. They are some of my favourites. And for the last, a big thanks to street artist Zen for the contextual atmosphere lent by the moon. Street art is often created in moon light – or, that is, streetlight with a hint of a moon playing hide-and-seek behind the roofs.


Walk the dog

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