Dialogue – or a wild goose chase

Inspiration comes from lots of different sources. The work of other street artist is an important factor as a general inspiration, but also when it comes to making and placing a specific work. The dog here has grabbed the golden goose of Statoil by street artist Gaia on the same wall. If once golden, the goose of Statoil is more tar sand black these days.

Dialogue is good. Street art is (or should be) about communication. So why not communicate with the work of other artists. To comment on their work, but mostly to put down another layer of possible interpretation, and refresh the element of surprise and wonder when seeing an “old” piece” in a new context.

When doing this I am a bit afraid to rob the former work of something or to disturb people’s reactions towards it. So I try to do it in a gentle manner – probably not always succeeding.


Dialogue – or a wild goose chase

...any thoughts...?

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