Where are they now?

Last December I made an advent calendar consisting of small stencils on 24 broken slate tiles. One was put out on the streets of Bergen every day from the 1st to the 21st of December, the 22nd I put out the remaining three tiles – so they didn’t have to spend Christmas out in the cold.

It was partly a reaction to bad weather and wet walls, and partly a hope that someone would pick them up and give them a new home or maybe to give them away. It could possibly be a success; most of them lasted less then two days before they were goon. And that’s not account of street sweeping, the municipality only seems to afford to greet us with clean street for constitution day. I only know of one piece that got broken and thrown away.

So where are the rest now? One is here: Wyatting. The rest I like to think has ended up on shelves and mantelpieces, maybe given away for Christmas by the less wealthy amongst us. One can hope…

If you happen to know where one is – send me a picture and in return, I will send a small piece of artwork…

slate tile 1slate tile 2_20160116_120051

Where are they now?

...any thoughts...?

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