Sometimes the world is nice to you. In this case in the name of some unknown painter. This stencil has been up for close to a year. To get it up high, I used a builders scaffold left on the spot after some renovation work. Just weeks later someone decided to paint the building. They put up a new scaffold and covered the building in green plastic to be able to paint through some rainy autumn weeks. Seeing this I naturally regarded the piece as lost. One day the painters finished and the scaffold was gone – much to my surprise the stencil was still there. They had left the spot unpainted! Who would have thought. Saved by a street art loving painter! Thanks a lot!

In this city it seems one has more to fear from kids with spray cans than workers and building owners. Being “buffed” by taggers is really annoying. Not at least for making the stencil part of their territorial pissings and by that discrediting street art in the views of the public. Still, maybe it’s just the name of the game…


...any thoughts...?

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