Party crashing – meat art

Piglet's nightmare

At Bergen Kjøtt (Bergen Meat– an old butchery / meat marked) there is to be held a street art sales-exhibition. I have an ambivalent attitude to street art exhibitions. One could say in their defence that they bring art to people. However, stressing the street element in street art, I am prone to suggest that a photo on the Internet would suffice for this task. It makes me remember a passage from Trotsky. In 1908 he wrote the following:

“You see, visiting art exhibitions is a terrible act of violence that we perpetrate on ourselves. This way of experiencing artistic pleasure expresses a terrible barracks-capitalist barbarism […W]hen all the walls are covered in pictures, sometimes arranged in two or three rows, people call this an art gallery or exhibition. […] I want paintings to be connected not by cords but by their artistic significance to walls […] Picture galleries, those concentration camps for colours and beauty, serve but as a monstrous appendage to our colourless and unsightly daily reality.”

Then again, also street artists have to make a living, and who will not make a living out of ones passion? But is it still street art – a free for all, aesthetic comment, meaningful in context of the street? Due to the exhibition being held at Bergen Meat, the word “meat art” springs to mind…

Party crashing – meat art

...any thoughts...?

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