The making of “Piglets nightmare”

Piglet's nightmare closeWith three layers, this is one of the more complex stencils I have put up on the streets. So for once I thought I might document the process. This time I cut the layers out of leftover ceiling paper. Normally I use heavier card, but because of the stencil being very contextual with no thought for reuse (and since cutting paper is fare gentler to the fingers), I chose the easy way out. Paper is more prone to curling and leaving underspray, but with the rough texture on the chosen wall card would also have left underspray.  The test spray on containerboard was of cause sharper, still, at least from a distance I find the level of underspray acceptable. The colours were more or less self-evident.

The making of “Piglets nightmare”

4 thoughts on “The making of “Piglets nightmare”

  1. pust says:

    Eyy, I see that one every day! Love it! Btw, just made a new stencil, any advice on where to put it?, in bergen..

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