Tinkerbells eulogy

Because of country’s position in the EU and its geopolitical role as a NATO-US springboard, the social and political developments in Greece cannot be seen apart from the situation in the Middle East and the political tugs of war inside the EU.

Years of increasingly difficult conditions have hit the Greeks hard. Greece is entering its fifth year of economic recession. Unemployment is at a record of 22 percent (more than a million people) with youth unemployment at 51 percent. Combined with reduction in wages and pensions this leads to the fact that nearly one quarter live under the poverty limit. Families are evicted from their homes and Athens is crowded with homeless individuals. The EU and the Bank of Greece urge politicians to follow up on the cost-cutting measures after the May 6 general election.

The need for struggle and social uprising is fed by the social and political situation and reflected in street art.

Athens spring 2012

Homeless in Athens


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