What is art

is this art

Doing street art makes me reflect a lot about the act of putting up pieces on the streets. I guess the partly clandestine nature of the work begs these thoughts. The piece here somehow tries to portray this reflectiveness.

There are kind of different layers of interpretation possible, but for the most obvious, the question «is this art» begs the more fundamental «what is art». I will not try to give an answer to any of the questions – I don’t think I can. Not in any general terms at least. Then again, it is the questions without a ready-made answer that is the ones worth asking.

My main ambition with street art would be to stir some reflection, make one see a new manner, awaken the mindless passers-by – and communicate to the ones you will not find at art-exhibitions.

This then leads to the meaning of art – why art? Does art have a function? Is art indefinable by way of its meaning? Does it all come down to a formalist definition?

Anyway, street art has clearly some value and effects. In addition, this is free. In our late capitalist society, free valuables are preciously few.

If someone is interested in images from the process of making the stencil, you will find it here: http://bergenstreetart.com/2012/05/is-this-art/

What is art

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