There and Back Again

Old Neptun

Basically, my inspiration for a stencil comes from three different angles: My little black book where I jot down every strange and bouncy idea popping out of my head. An image which strikes me as potential material to incorporate into a stencil. Or a spot begging for a specific piece. Of cause these are not separate processes, often they are very entwined – but for the sake of argument…

For the stencils resulting from the two first inspirational processes – finding the right spot can sometimes be a hard one. On several occasions I have put down weeks in creating a stencil, only to have it laying around for months waiting for me finding the right spot for it.

For stencils motivated from the spot, finding the right spot is of cause not hard at all – but getting access to that spot may prove difficult. I’ve returned empty handed from painting trips because of lack of climbing skills, lack of ability to leap great distances carrying a bag and large sheets of card, lack of nerves hanging from a fence over the motorway trying to hold on to the pole, spray can and stencil at the same time whishing I was an octopus with wings (another idea for the black book) … In general when inspired from the spot, the spot always seem hard to reach. Doing a quick psychological self-inspection, I think it just might be the challenge in it self that spurs me.

I reached the spot on the picture above at high tides in an inflatable children’s toy boat, having only one paddle. Only time I ever wet my pants on a painting trip – seawater that was. On account of a punctuation the bottom part started to deflate and the boat was in the state of swimming pool when I reached shore – which took some time since I missed peak tide and had to deal with the currents going out.  However, great fun, at least after I finally slipped in to dry clothes and warmed up again.

There and Back Again

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