The medium and the message


Working indoors has made me reflect upon my medium (or maybe it’s only all those fumes I’ve inhaled). Stencils are my choice of medium due to the straightforwardness and minimalism of the single layer stencil as a communicative image – and because of the short time it takes to produce an image on the street.

These same reasons don’t “justify” using stencils indoors or on unexposed spots. With no risk of being caught in the act, the haste is not necessary. With no (or seemingly none) time limit comes the want for more details, depth, backgrounds, colours, etc. Doing this with stencils implies more layers (and hence a longer literally finger-bleeding cutting process). In the end, I don’t think it’s worth it. It all looks as a silly excuse for lack of free hand skills.

Therefore, today I have a motto “I will not make any more multilayered stencils (if not necessary)”.

On the other hand, I really want to have a go at painting walls free hand – a few sizes up for one who usually paint watercolours on no more than 10”x15” paper.

The medium and the message

...any thoughts...?

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