Diego and Frida

Diego and Frida

This portrait is an homage to Diego Rivera one of my all time favourite painters. He was a great muralist with a personal style, as well as political active with an expanded social consciousness.

Diego overshadowed by FridaI love the anecdote of his unseen mural in the Rockefeller Center. The painting was to illustrate progress and the development of social, political, industrial, and scientific possibilities. Rivera included a scene of a May Day demonstration with workers marching with red banners and Lenin leading the demonstration. Rockefeller did not want this association and asked Rivera to remove Lenin’s face. When Rivera refused, he was ordered to stop, and the painting was covered up and later destroyed without anybody being allowed to see it.

Rivera later completed a version of the mural in Mexico City – Man, Controller of the Universe – including portraits of both Lenin and Trotsky. The latter stayed with Rivera, and his wife Frida Kahlo in Mexico, after his deportation from Norway.

Diego and Frida

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