Do we always need a reason…

... wear flowers in your hair

Sometimes reasons for actions, or the deeper meaning of things, are not there – or rather, are not a conscious guide behind what we do. Reasons, or meanings, could of cause be ascribed to the subconscious and read out of the larger pattern of things (named life). Alternatively, we can construct it post facto, as a justification (or excuse), something we all think is demanded of us in order to be deemed sane and responsible.

Which way to give meaning to the stencil above, I’m not certain about – yet. For now, I’m happy with the not very arty explanation of just wanting to add a touch of beauty to a run down building. A former temple for automobiles, now dilapidated and up for either demolition or a place on the local heritage list – if the authorities can make up their mind. Until then it’s a free haven for all those with spray-cans and some imagination. In my opinion, such places add an intrinsic value to a city trying to put on an urban image.

As a nice extra, I met two youngsters with colourful fingers and their bags full of cans. It is always nice with a chat, and I will hopefully see some great works of theirs in due time. Good to have a steady recruitment, and uplifting to see the will to creativity and self-expression. Keep it up!


Do we always need a reason…

2 thoughts on “Do we always need a reason…

  1. […] painting with fellow street artist Yatzy on an old dilapidated automobil repair shop. I have done some pieces here on earlier occasions. I love the derelict character of the buildings. Probably due to some […]

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