Reclaim public space for public use

We're sorryIf you live in a city, you should have a right to the public space – how it is used and structured –that extends the limits of representational democracy. Today, nothing prevents companies from trying to make money from controlling public space. There is a wealthy class of landowners, companies and advertising businesses who profit vastly on the current system and exploit the surface of the city.

In public spaces all over the world, companies are fighting for consumers’ attention, intruding on their minds, insulting free individuals with psychological tricks aimed at altering preferences through pre-reflective stimuli, urging us to spend money in ways for them to profit.

Efforts to prevent companies from invading public space are often directed towards politicians tight roping between budgets and goodwill. Why not fight it out in the open – in public space. Reclaim public space for public use. To quote Anne Frank (who certainly did not have this discussion in mind, but still) “how wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Reclaim public space for public use

One thought on “Reclaim public space for public use

  1. Nice to meet you – seems we have similar interests. Thank you for your visit at art rat cafe. I look forward to exploring your blog in more depth when I return from a short break…

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