reintroduction of the recognisable common

autumn once again

Street art, and stencil art in particular, represents a reintroduction of the recognisable and common in art. Much like pop art, it speaks to the ones without a specific art-language. There is a strong element of something uninterpreted or unconveyed over these images from our daily life. It may be called kitsch – understood as more open and egalitarian art – but the term is not very fruitful when discussing street art.

Stencil art is often emblematic and represents the prominence of content over form, and thus has a strong communicative function. Stencils are sometimes better served when interpreted as linguistic statements rather than fine arts aesthetics, and sorted under the social sciences rather than the humanities.

On that note, I’m unsure whether street art – at least in the form of stencils – should be defined as art. One could probably argue for both (and most days that counts for a yes). Still I’m undecided, and do not care much at all. I don’t even think of it that often…

reintroduction of the recognisable common

...any thoughts...?

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