Street actor

hang on

In the last post I reflected upon how doing street art has changed the city from background for daily life, to a stage for interaction and transformation. As a consequence I as a “street artist” (not a good label, but in lack of a better), somehow am transformed from spectator to actor.

As an actor one sacrifice the anonymity of the urban context granted by the fixed set-up of roles. These are roles where, if you play your part, you cause no friction in the overall play. Acting according to the accepted role expectations lets you pass if not entirely unnoticed, so at least unsanctioned and unhindered through the urban setting.

This anonymity is changed to another form caused by the discrepancy between you as street artist and you as citizen – in so far one is able to sustain such a distinction. Through pseudonyms, smoke and mirrors one becomes a secret actor. As such one acts on a secluded scene – one of the layers in the fabric of society visible only through its creative outputs.

Street actor

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