Art and activism

behind bars

Street art unites art and activism and this is the great strength of street art. Practitioners are found all along this continuum, some tending more towards art, some towards more pure activism. When the establishment in different ways intervenes in street art it tends to strip away the activism part. Gallery shows, legal walls, commission work, involvement in the logics of bureaucracy, responsibility, etc are all contributing to a movement in favor of less activism. So it seems appropriate to sometimes do more clean-cut activism stunts. It certainly helps making clear values to unite around and it compels reflection upon one’s own practice.


For non-Norwegian readers – the pun ad-vent translates well into English (actually it is English and translates well enough to Norwegian) Christmas becoming more and more commercialized. The sticker is based on a no-thanks-to-unaddressed-commercials sticker from the Norwegian postal service. A rather easy to see iconic kind of image. The text in yellow reads “NO THANKS!”. The poster was part of a larger collective campaign.

Art and activism

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