The Vandals are wiped out

The old paint factory

December 15. the Vandals surrendered. After having lost Carthage and Hippo to the Romans December 15. 533, the Vandals vanished from history never to return. Still the Vandals managed to become source of a household concept coined on account of their sacking of Rome, pillaging treasures the Romans previously had looted from throughout their empire.

Anyway the reason for bringing this up here is the commonplace conceptualization of street art as Vandalism. When the Vandals are viewed as vandals, it is because of the destruction of art in Rome. Street art more often than not contribute to art and value in places lacking such features. The real vandals are the ones responsible for producing city environments devoid of any elements not primarily gaining private profit and the message of commercialism. It is a far more obvious argument to claim that street art is if anything actually fighting of this vandalism.

The Vandals are wiped out

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