Dear Mr. Bureaucrat


Dear Mr. Bureaucrat of the road authority.

Every once and again you exhibit your love for the colour grey. (I’m not sure if grey actually count as a colour, but I will not trouble you in your busy workday with this. Just for the sake of argument we accept grey as a colour). I guess it goes without saying that grey is the colour of bureaucracy, particularly one like yours handling concrete and asphalt. Your working days are probably not especially bright, so neither should the colour of your standard be. To you, grey obviously is the new black. I’ll try to conduct myself accordingly. This inquiry is about the acceptable shade of grey. Because to me it sounds fair that if I paint your walls in an acceptable shade of grey, then you can let it be and not buff it, right? So having painted here (photograph enclosed*) in assorted shades of grey, could you please point out the unobjectionable ones? Or if you are not inclined to answer this inquiry by letter, please only paint over the unacceptable ones. Then I will know by fiat which shade(s) to use next time.

Since I am already writing to you, could I be so bold as to make a suggestion. If you when sitting at your computer or lunch table, turn on some reggae (loud), google “fractal geometry” and look at the images popping up on your screen, brew yourself an herbal tea, and close those spread-sheets of yours, you could come to realize that the world of roads and infrastructure don’t have to be all grey. You would probably not go for anything as daring as bright red or yellow at first (that comes with experience), but how about an earth palette, a pale purple, or a light green?


the street artist

*note to non-Norwegian speaking readers, grå = grey

Dear Mr. Bureaucrat

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