cutting edge

tools of the trade

Making stencil based street art is for the most part great fun. No deadlines, no demands, no structured tools of the trade close upworkday, inspiration just manifest itself, the pure joy of creating, and adding to this the somewhat misguided sense of adventure when painting on the streets. But as with all good things there is a snag – the cutting. Cutting a stencil is mind-numbing tedious, finger-aching hard and bleeding time-consuming. Of cause one should not complain about things one do voluntarily, but if I ever get an Oompa Loompa I would without doubt have her do the cutting. Still, having to endure hours and hours and hours and hours of cutting at least make one rather selective about what designs to push through with – and to reduce the level of detail – abstraction is a virtue of laziness.

cutting edge

...any thoughts...?

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