voodoo child

Voodoo child

I’m a bit uncertain whether voodoo actually works, still in such matters I believe it’s wise to keep an Voodoo child smallopen mind and be nice to people who claim voodoo skills. So say it works, than it somehow relies on the connection between an inanimate object and an attached individual. The inanimate object – the voodoo doll – is a fetishized object infested with means to act on the person’s wellbeing, not all that different from a cellphone, car or credit card. Imagine an evil bank manager (it should not be all that hard – do they ever come in good editions?) with access to all savings deposits, speculating it away on some toxic share deal. That is mighty voodoo. It would take almost all customers penetrating their credit cards with needles and withdrawing all their savings to inflict the same amount of voodoo pain on the bank. And the lesson: the size of the voodoo doll matters, but piercing pins in a sufficient amount of small voodoo dolls still might have a heartwarming, devastating effect on big capitalists.

voodoo child

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