Dear Mr. Bureaucrat III

Grey portrait

Dear Mr. Bureaucrat of the road authority

I just write to say, here it is. A new piece adapted to your approved colour-code. However I am not portrait close uptotally happy with the contrast. It certainly does not comply with the new “design for all” standards, which I would have thought you had to conform to. Still at the same time the lack in contrast gives it an interesting blurred quality, but alas less noticeable. I guess you win some and lose some. So even if it is in accordance with regulations, I cannot promise I will stick to this nuance for future projects. Anyway, I will use this opportunity to once again thank you for pointing me in the right direction regarding acceptable shades of grey.

With expectation that this will not be removed, sincerely,

the street artist

Dear Mr. Bureaucrat III

4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Bureaucrat III

  1. wow, i never would’ve thought of using a similar color to get such a subtle image. It’s a really nice change of pace. Some of my stuff that’s been painted over with a thin coat of paint has that look, but I never thought to aim for that look. It’s a great idea, but I do hope you go back to the non-acceptable colors 🙂 poses the question which is greater: making a strong statement or sharing a whisper that will last forever…

    1. Thanks! I was quite happy with the way it turned out, was a bit unsure whether if it would work at all. But, yes, I’m definitively going back to the heavy contrast. I prefer a short lived shout to a lasting whisper any day…

  2. […] painted on this wall on several occasions. I’ve tried with monochrome black and greys.Even greys that are so close to the Road authority’s own that the image hardly was visible. With this one I’ve tried to incorporate the grey as support to show through as the mid-tone. […]

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