back ally life


This is my contribution to the HANSEstreetart, part of the Hansa-festival in Herford. The location I was assigned in a small alley suited both my theme and size perfectly. Even though far less exposed than some, the painting session still attracted a fair share of onlookers. Those who approached discussed technique more than topic. It was a nice distraction talking about the work. And as for distractions, working within this framework – having lots of time and daylight – also opened for taking more pictures documenting the process. So with the experience of people wanting to discuss technique – and of cause since the imagery hopefully is talking loud and clear for it self when I comes to motivation and social agenda – I post a sequence of pictures from the creation. First of “my” lovely alley and the home of my equally lovely hosts…

My lovely allynr1 nr2 nr3 nr4 nr5 nr6 nr7 nr9

back ally life

4 thoughts on “back ally life

  1. Anonymous says:

    I specially loved the aspect of the fading hope in the image, when daylight gets less. Wonderfull work, Argus. Thank You.

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