amplification through simplification

Lili of the lamp light

Even though wanting to further explore the style of the previous piece – making stencils representing naturalistic images with abstract geometrical patterns – I still feel very attracted to the simple monochrome light/shadow stencil. Both the aesthetics of it and the way it can show a vivid image with depth in the simplest possible terms – without reducing it to a flat, cartoonish figure.

The simple one-layers portray its message through the concept of amplification through simplification. But in order for them to work properly they either have to have a punch-line, or they have to rely on the placing within a specific context. If so these works will communicate effortlessly – demanding no special interest, no prior knowledge and no prolonged contemplation to be understood and enjoyed.

In certain respect street art ought to maintain this low threshold for communication. Being a form of art one is exposed to involuntary, it should not demand too much of the spectator. On the other hand street art have a duty to represent an alternative to the mindless entertainment and consumer culture we’re surrounded by. As cultural critique it should not be to easily consumed, but rather be the source for friction, stirring reactions and causing reflections upon our way of living.

I guess the real challenge is to find the balance between communication and friction.

amplification through simplification

...any thoughts...?

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