thought blocking ideas

The Lawnmower Man

Sometimes ideas settle down and refuse to go away. They keep nagging my conscience, urging me to emancipate them through paint. It is not necessarily the best ideas, but they are always quite vivid and easy to grasp. They keep popping up in a regular pattern. Whenever I spot a good wall, they’re always the first to be pictured on it, even though they might not fit the context at all. If left unattended this eventually leads to a mental clogging that keeps new ideas from emerging. When I reach this stage, the only solution is to go out and do it. The making of the picture tends to be more of a catharsis than a creative process; It’s a mere physical projection of what already exists in full detail in my head. When finally on the wall, my mind immediately opens to new projects and I couldn’t care less for the one in front of me.

thought blocking ideas

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