brave new men

brace new men

A new legal piece (more picks after the jump). Took a while to get it done due to extremely unpredictable weather. The forecast missed five out of five times when promising no rain. I should probably stop watching the forecast and start reading the intestines of ducks or tee-leaves or something – it’s just that the forecast is so much cleaner and adapted to our brave new world. Could  someone please put together a duck-intestines app?

Me painting

brave new men 1

Brawe new men 2

brave new men

5 thoughts on “brave new men

        1. Takk!
          Jeg lager ikke opp noe for salg. Det hender en sjelden gang jeg lar meg overtale til å lage en av stencilene på lerret/papir, men akkurat nå har jeg fullt opp med andre prosjekt…

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