trust in God and keep your powder dry

stop this cupid war

It is soon to be cold, dark and wet. The birds are either emigrating or desperately stuffing themselves with the leftovers of fruit and berries. The squirrel is squirreling nuts away for the winter. The trees recycle their leaves into either nice, colourful, crispy, heaps of joy, or slimy, brownish scum. And the street artist doesn’t put his trust in God and so burns of the last powder while it’s still semi-dry. Which this year happens to coincide with the Bergen assembly, art triennially.

Meaning to say, pouring out visible art in the streets seems rather timely and I do a last effort to paint the town before winter. When all the greenery goes, the buildings have to make it on their own. And sorry to say, they’re not on top of that task. There is far too much indifferent architecture, where the building costs have outweighed aesthetic considerations, or the architect has failed to see the building in a larger context. Anyway, they surely need a helping hand and I can hardly refuse.

This piece is at the old automobile repair shop – same as this, and this, and this – an example of a building where nothing was spared to make it into a real gem – except for a maintenance budget of cause…

trust in God and keep your powder dry

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