trash art

beggarAnother shot from the container. It was nice working collectively towards sort of an exhibition. That is, collectively as in a very loose and anarchic sense of the term. Anyhow the collective feeling is not something I experience that often doing street art, so even in this loose fashion it felt really good.

During the painting I was not only talking to fellow street artists, but the fact that we were a couple of people painting, in broad daylight and on a highly frequented spot, caused a lot of passers-by to stop for a chat. There is of cause a double edge to this, trying to remain anonymous and at the same time enjoying to chat, is somehow at odds with each-other. Still having people by who had followed my work for a long time and getting their responses meant  a great deal to me.

The container will be taken away soon. It will go back to the collecting trash function. In my opinion that is a proper ending for a street art exhibition. Still, hopefully the ones who will be carrying trash in and out of this container, will have a smile and an unexpected experience while working.

trash art

...any thoughts...?

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