Poor Man, Rich Man, Big-Man, Chief

My main piece for the exhibition “legal”. I love to have had the opportunity to paint directly on the walls. It makes it clearer that the pieces are not for sale and it makes the transition to indoor space less challenging. It also provides me with the opportunity to anchor the image to the floor, somewhat dependent on the image I believe that street art have to be anchored to work on the streets. In galleries one have to fight the tendency of street art being reduced to ordinary art done in a street art fashion. I’m not quite sure what the term street art should be defined, but it certainly has to have something to do with the street. To see all the artist who use the street mainly to get access to galleries makes me only depressed. Street art has to have a commitment for the street.

Due to the two-times natural size the paper cup with money seems rather small. All the money collected in the cup will after the exhibition be donated to the “model”, a working beggar on the streets of Bergen.



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