measuring success


There are different ways to measure the success of an exhibition: good reviews, good sales and high prizes, and lots of visitors. With street art exhibitions one have to apply other standards. If street art is to maintain a critical position as an alternative to mainstream consumer culture, sales and prizes should rather be disqualifying than a measurement of success. That is if one can talk about street art exhibitions as street art. I hesitate to call canvases painted and hung indoors for street art. I believe the term is best served by being used exclusively for art done directly on walls in public areas, preferably outdoor.

In order to defend these standards I had to buff my own pieces at the exhibition mentioned in last post. A short time-lapse is available here: It was a bit of a strange experience painting over the stencils while other artists were dealing their sales. It reminded me of years ago when I did canvasses and used to paint over them again and again, because I had no use for them and no room to stash them.

The outcome for the beggar piece was 205 kroner, but since I put a hundred there from the start, the earnings were only 105. Anyway, I’m quite happy taking into account that there was no sign or anything asking people to leave a donation. All the money will now be given to the beggar  who was “model” for the piece.

measuring success

4 thoughts on “measuring success

  1. Ztril says:

    One day I will steal one of your pice’s – just to show you that you are not entirely in control of your art.

    I really love your work – and you are a very well reflected guy. But you cannot control your art in meeting with the viewer. And you seem to strive to do this by buffing your own work. If it can not be done at your terms – you dont like it. !!!

    I think a good development would be to set some of your art free – and see what others make of it.

    Your message (Blog) relating to Otto’en was cool…… and when I saw the piece IRL. I was thinking that another piece should be created (behind him) to relay your opinion to the public.

    I very clearly could see a PWC attourney juming up behind Otto with a blodstained daggar (DOLK) in his right hand, and a document briefcase in the other. Ofcouse vearing a black suit. The image got so strong in my head – but the only way it would be correct is by delivering the idea to you. 😉

    I also saw the PWC piece – and there you are correct – it should never have been taken indoors in theese surroundings. The only place this actually could work is at Bakkegaten Bo & Omsorgssenter where Otto has “anchored” so many times when the streets have been stormfull.

    Happy new and prosperous year.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! I must say that I don’t feel all that fixated with controlling my art, but admittingly I do have strong ideas as to what street art can and should be, and I want my freedom to pursue this direction with some integrity. I wise man once said that one is only truly free if one has nothing to sell. I guess that I strive for this “freedom from”, even though it sometimes is at odds with a general “freedom to”. Maybe there comes a time to pursue other options…
      And a happy new year to you as well!

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