what do you see


A new year! We have left behind the time of raving shopping madness and tacky publicity stunts camouflaged as charity but amounting to nothing more than marketing and indulgence. It’s time for introspection, New Year’s resolutions and planning ahead…

Pictures are metaphorical with a vast number of interpretations. These interpretations are not random, but rather socially and psychologically constructed. How we interpret a scene in an image probably says more about our own background and state of mind than anything else. The way one interpret an image is affected by shared factors such as cultural and educational background, gender and age, together with more individual factors like knowledge, experiences and psychological dispositions, and these in turn are influenced by temporal factors such as mood, company and immediate previous experiences. This means that works of art – also the ones outside the realm of abstract expressionism – to some extent work as inkblot tests. Tell me what you see, and I’ll tell you who you are…

what do you see

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