Pope Popeye 1st – the saviour man

Pope Popey

They say the new pope is radical, flexing his muscles against the tyranny of unchecked capitalism, protesting an economy of exclusion and inequality, and advocating an economic policy which goal should be to provide everyone with the means to a life in dignity and freedom.

It’s all well and good but it’s the Pope we’re talking about here. Instead of criticizing the innate evil of capitalism, IMF, WTO, WTF, FIFA, TWB, EU, ETC – he could initiate an unparalleled massive exorcism ritual. The sacred hordes should expel every element of greed from every stock transaction and every hedge fond world-wide. And if combined with some liberal changes within the catholic church, especially its stance towards contraception and sexual minorities, then we could speak of real radicalism. 

Still one should rejoice in every step on the right path…

Pope Popeye 1st – the saviour man

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