If grey is all they want



I’ve painted on this wall on several occasions. I’ve tried with monochrome black and greys.Even greys that are so close to the Road authority’s own that the image hardly was visible. With this one I’ve tried to incorporate the grey as support to show through as the mid-tone. No doubt this also will be buffed – hopefully it’ll last a few months – and that’s ok. Even though I love to see old street art wither and fade away, street art still works best when fresh. Its like the picture on your living room wall, after some time you don’t really see it for what it is any more. It blends into the general background. Anyway next time the wall is buffet I’ll go for a real colour explosion …

skipping close up

If grey is all they want

4 thoughts on “If grey is all they want

  1. K says:

    Beauty! I get to walk by this pillar almost every day, so I’m very grateful that you’ve decided to grace it with your work once again. Loving the geometrical style you seem to work with and continuously develop these days.

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