remake of a painted over piece


I did a remake of this former piece on request from the community who had grown fond of it and the owner of the wall (the city) who by “mistake” had painted over it.

The way I see it the owner was right in erasing the piece while painting the wall. It would have looked quite odd to leave a square around the piece as some sort of frame. In my opinion street art should only stay as long as until the next round of maintenance. Of cause I sympathize with communities who identify with “their” street art, still a new piece is better than trying to frame up the old ones. I never keep my stencils for making copies, but on the basis of such a request I felt honored do a remake based on the same models – slightly different but still the same. Hopefully it all turned out for the best…- click for story

remake of a painted over piece

One thought on “remake of a painted over piece

  1. Kristin Takle says:

    …. Tusen takk fra meg for at det kom tilbake og for at du deler dine enestående kunstverk til glede, undring og rett i hjertet (slik som dette). Kristin

    Sendt fra min HTC

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