dangerous art ahead


Colour explosion as promised. It probably will go away soon. Not a lot to do about it it seems.

One can just wonder, when you allow for giant structures facilitating fierce hordes of fossil fueled machines, why not allow for some colorful elements of human scale. Not necessarily street art, but why the need to paint everything grey. It’s probably less expensive, and dirt doesn’t show on grey. But is this what we’ll be bought off with – the least costly and most practical. How lovely lives we all would lead if everything was guided by the imperative of the least costly and most practical. One probably has to be an engineer or army colonel to even consider this an option. The Public Roads Administration justify their acclaimed zero tolerance by safety precautions, street art in the proximity of roads may lead to accidents. Well, no one wants traffic accidents. But if you paint some 50 meters from the nearest road or in a pedestrian tunnel, a chauffeur would have to be extremely attentive to be distracted by it. If this really is a serious problem one probably should ban strange haircuts, colorful clothes and big knockers as well. Or someone should put up warning signs: “be aware of street art” / “dangerous art ahead”. 

dangerous art ahead

3 thoughts on “dangerous art ahead

  1. sara says:

    I was actually very sad when your old picture was gone from that wall with the girl, but this is perfect aswell<3 im happy you did more triangle person<3 if this is you…
    Thank you for making our days more beautiful.

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