ecce homo


Right back where I remember him. His stare always made me feel a little uneasy, like if he knew a secret I was hiding from myself. This caused some introspection on my behalf, and just those encounters are vital to the civilizing effect of public space.

May he be left up here for a long time for us to remember.

ecce homo

4 thoughts on “ecce homo

    1. Thanks. This is “Smily”. He was a well known character in the streets of Bergen. Begging for money. Always in the same overcoat. Not the timid kind, not intrusive either, but with a very strong presence. Allegedly intelligent. One everyone knew about, but whom few knew. The city is a poorer place without him. He passed away this May.

  1. Du har fanget en fasett av “Smily” som alle vi som vanker på høyden husker, og setter pris på at du har delt. Flott arbeid, flott plassering på arbeidet og et fint minnesmerke.

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