Cupped hands

cupped hands

My piece for the Sandnes art trail. With lovely support from the NUART team.


Cupped hands

2 thoughts on “Cupped hands

  1. As always, very stellar and moving work. Cool stuff. I can see by the state of the concrete why you put it in the centre, with the cracky-looking line to its left and the natural seam (or drainage line) to its right. I only say that because your character might have come across more troubled or solemn or sinister if he was anchored in the left corner. Haha, but you know me — I can’t comment on aesthetics without offering my unwanted opinion on placement. 😉

    Glad to see you’re staying up.

    I managed to collate all of my work — including this season’s first — onto a new online platform (see link below). It’s really a tidy site. Less Web page, more social media, but still feels like a nice balance of the two.

    Stay warm hermano. .

    _______________2 4 1 9


  2. Good to hear from you! You’re spot on as usual. Actually I thought the wall was smaller, hadn’t seen it just got some photos and rough measures. I cut the stencil for a wall 3×3 meter (the stencil is approximately 2×2,2). But as you can see the wall is more like 4×4 +. Left corner would have been a stronger impact in this scale. I settled for smother background and more exposure.

    I’ll be sure to check out your new work/site…

    Take care!

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